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Thank you for visiting Conserva Irrigation of Richmond. We’re proud to offer the most efficient irrigation repairs and sprinkler system installations in Midlothian, Glen Allen, Henrico and the Greater Richmond area. If you are searching for sprinkler system repair or need a brand new irrigation system installed, our team of Sprinkler System Caretakers follows a three-step process to create an effective and smart system that provides a beautiful lawn that doesn’t waste water. Here’s how it works.

Step 1 – Comprehensive Yard Analysis

Before our team takes action, we believe in understanding the sprinkler system you currently have in place. One of our certified technicians will do a comprehensive analysis of your property’s needs and any existing irrigation system you currently have in place. We’ll look at all the essential irrigation components: controller, rain sensors, sprinkler heads, etc. and test each zone looking for any issues or lateral line leaks. Conserva’s analysis provides you with an SES, or System Efficiency Score: a 1-100 scoring system that lets us know what needs to be addressed in order to ensure your system is operating both effectively and efficiently – meanwhile, keeping your lawn lush and green and saving you money.

Step 2 – Enhancement Recommendations

With the analysis complete, we will pinpoint crucial repairs and enhancements to an existing irrigation and sprinkler system.

Technology is often the crux of issues that we see with systems. Irrigation systems, unfortunately, are too often installed and then forgotten which can lead to problems. Like any other home system, such as your HVAC, your irrigation system needs proper maintenance to ensure longevity. To minimize the workload or service that homeowners need, we discuss the importance of smart irrigation technology. The EVOLUTION® controller from our preferred partner, Toro®, gauges the water in your property’s ground to minimize water waste, reducing your water bill by up to 40%. Never again will you see your sprinklers running during or right after a rainstorm.

Step 3 – Proactive Maintenance

Maintenance of your irrigation and sprinkler system is the last, and arguably the most important, step of Conserva’s process. Our seasonal maintenance packages keep your system, and your lawn, in tip-top shape. When you sign up for one of our packages you also get 10% off all repairs and upgrades.

Conserva’s goal is to provide you with an effective and water efficient sprinkler system that keeps your property green and lush. To get started, call us at 804-386-9201 to sign up for your complimentary, fully-comprehensive sprinkler system inspection.

Our Services

Less water. More savings. Healthy landscape.

Conserva Irrigation of Richmond is proud to offer the most water-efficient irrigation repairs and installations in the irrigation market. Thanks to our comprehensive five-step process, you'll rest easy knowing the number one sprinkler system repair company in Virginia is looking after your system! We'll ensure your irrigation system operates at maximum efficiency all year long - saving you water and money, simultaneously!


Summerization, or springtime sprinkler startups, are one of our specialties. However, unlike most other irrigation companies, we don't simply turn your system back on and leave. We perform a sprinkler system analysis to ensure your system is ready for the spring and summer watering season. Additionally, our summerization service is included in all of our residential and commercial maintenance packages.

Mid-Season Inspection

Our mid-season inspection is akin to a "check-up". During our mid-season inspection, we'll ensure that your system is still operating at peak performance and that nothing's gone awry since our last visit. We'll inspect your sprinkler heads, your irrigation lines, your backflow preventer and your weather sensor and system controller.


While winters aren't too harsh in our area of Virginia, winterizing your home's irrigation system is extremely important. If we have a freeze that lasts just a couple days and your system isn't winterized, you could be looking at enormous repair bills for your system. Frozen water in your irrigation lines can crack piping, break sprinkler heads and severely damage your backflow preventer. During our winterization of your system, we'll also perform a full-system analysis that covers every aspect of your irrigation system from top to bottom. We'll leave our winterization report with you once we've completely winterized your system.

Installation Services

Through our partnership with Toro®, we're able to offer the latest in smart irrigation technology for each installation we perform. Additionally, unlike most other irrigation companies in our area, we custom design each system we install so that it's tailor-made for the specific layout of the homeowner's yard. We take into account the soil type, sun level exposure, the slope of the yard and even the type of grass and vegetation that will need watering. A Conserva Irrigation system uses up to 60% less water than a typical irrigation system!


Satisfied customers: The strongest proof of our performance

Very thankful to the Conserva of North Richmond team who found through their complimentary evaluation of our system that we had an issue with our black flow meter. They were able to quickly resolve the issue and winterized our system at the same time. Had we not had them come out to evaluate our system we would not have known there was an issue that could have allowed contamination to our drinking water.

Referred to us by a friend. First irrigation company that actually called back and showed up on the date and time they were scheduled. Performed a winterization of our system and left recommendations to improve our system for next year. Great job Conserva! I will recommend you to other friends and neighbors.

James and his crew are the best

They showed up early, completed the repairs and were very professional. Highly recommend using them for your irrigation service and repair needs.

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